Tile under Toilet?


It is quite easy to tile under the toilet. It is a matter of removing the toilet, and then tiling up to the waste line. You will then re-install the toilet to its previous position
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1. Turn off the water to the toilet at the shutoff valve behind it. Disconnect the water line using your wrench. Remove the mounting bolts at the base of the stool, and lift out the
Use an extra thick wax ring or two regular ones. There is no real pressure in the drain of the toilet so as long as it seal all the way around, there shouldn't be any problem. Older
1. Prepare your floor for tile by installing tile backer board on the floor, securing it to the existing sub-floor with thin-set mortar and cement board screws or nails. Ad. 2. Make
Overview Installing ceramic tile has become a very popular do-it-yourself job. Because it is a durable material that lasts a very long time, it is a common application in both kitchens
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Tile Review
Tile flooring is a less expensive alternative to stone and offers some of the same benefits and drawbacks. Tile is made from a... Read More »
Est. Price: $8
Elegant look
, Adds to home's resale value
, Easier to install than stone
Can crack or chip
, Can be cold and slippery underfoot
, Hard and noisy
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To tile around your toilet flange, first measure the diameter of the flange and add ¼ an inch to the outside. Then lay full tiles over the flange and space ...
Linoleum tiles can be removed be using a heat gun, that will melt the glue under the tile, then use a scraper, some acetone and some rages to clean any glue that ...
To replace a ballcock, one has to make sure the water shut off valve for the toilet is in the Off position. The locknut under the tank is then unscrewed to remove ...
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