The Timawa were a society class in the Visayan society in the Philippines. The three society classes were the slaves and serfs class followed by the warrior or freemen class who were the Timawa followed by the royal nobility class. The class was originally viewed as privileged but has now come to mean impoverished in modern culture. They were also descendants and illegitimate children of the nobility class. They helped provide military service for that class.
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they are the timawa family.
The timawa were the feudal warrior class of the ancient Visayan societies of the Philippines.
Timawa is a pre-spanish social class in the philippines. Maharlika/Maginoo- nobles like Datu, Sultan, and their family Timawa- ordinary people/ laymen Alipin- slaves/servants - Aliping
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Timawa is a term that is used to describe feudal warriors in Philippines. They are the second highest ranking group in barangay. They have various rights like ...
baranganic sytem or the balangay. led by the datu. composed of the council of elders, timawa. ...
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