What is the job description of timekeepers?


Timekeepers essentially track and manage employee pay. These employees work closely with accounting and finance departments, and in small organizations, they may perform duties of other financially related occupations, such as accountants and actuaries.

Timekeepers are responsible for compiling and tracking employee work time and production history. They collect and analyze these data using timesheets, spreadsheets and work charts. They also calculate cumulative work time for all employees and may distribute payrolls too. Timekeepers are often tasked with distributing special bonuses and may help track employee vacation time, benefits, sick days and leaves of absence for the purposing of ensuring proper payment.

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Job Description of a Timekeeper
According to Benjamin Franklin, "Time is money." A timekeeper is responsible of keeping accurate record of an employee's time at work, so that the employee receives a paycheck. A timekeeper is also known as a payroll and timekeeping clerk.... More »
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