How do you time a 350 Chevy Vortec?


When timing a 350 Vortec Chevy you should have a sticker on the fan shroud telling you which wire to disengage. Then disconnect the wire and release the dist, bolt and check the scheduling with a timing gun. After that alternate the dist until you get the anticipated timing then tighten the dist, then bolt and connect the tan wire. While timing the degree for 350 Chevy Vortec engine you have to have an engine scanner to adjust the timing. But if there is no check engine light on then the setup is correct all ready. Therefore no adjustment needed.
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There should be a sticker on the fan shroud telling you which wire to disconnect. On the older tbi motors it was tan with a black stripe i believe. Disconnect this wire, the loosen
1. Start the vehicle and let the engine run until it gets up to proper operating temperature. Then turn off the engine. 2. Pop the hood. Take off the air cleaner on the engine by
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I own a shop, and can tell you this; You must go by the tag on the front of the radiator shroud, or the hood. If it is missing, then set it at 8-10 degrees with the connector unhooked
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