What could cause a tingling sensation in the jaw?


WebMD lists several afflictions associated with tingling in the jaw, such as peripheral neuropathy, stroke, transient ischemic attacks, migraines in adults and Lyme disease. Afflictions that cause the jaw to tingle range from mild to serious, with possibilities that include alcohol intoxication, chemical burns, medication reaction or side effects, intoxication, brain tumor and brain infection.

WebMD also mentions that spinal tumors, Chagas disease, intracranial hematoma and cauda equina syndrome may also result in tingling in the jaw. In addition to intoxication, other afflictions related to drug abuse, including barbiturate and benzodiazepine abuse, may cause a tingling in the jaw. An insulin reaction or lead poisoning may include tingling. A tingling in the jaw may stem from thoracic spinal stenosis, cervical spinal stenosis, a heat or fire burn, porphyria or Wernicke syndrome.

WebMD also finds a number of afflictions like toothaches, broken or fractured jaws, cavities or dental abscesses may include tingling in the jaw along with symptoms like locking jaw, numbness, pain and discomfort. These afflictions also include temporomandibular joint syndrome, chemical burns, cocaine abuse and shingles. The combination of these symptoms may also mean that the bite is out of alignment or the patient has a bone infection.

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