What does ''the tingle in the scalp'' means?


A tingle in the scalp can mean a number of things. It could indicate burning scalp syndrome that ultimately leads to hair loss. In rare occasions, a tingle in the scalp can also mean that hair is regrowing.
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Scalp tingling could be caused by anxiety, migraine, and
do you have thin hair naturally? do you dye your hair? or use too much heat on your hair or products. my aunties hair used to break of in chunks and now her hair is so much healthier
Some shampoos cause a tingling sensation. Scalp tingling may occur as a result of an allergy to a hair product. Some people might also experience scalp tingling from excessive scalp
We now that the scalp fights off bacteria on a daily basis to remain healthy. However sometimes there is an imbalance that is created and this allows bacteria to grow around the root
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