What are tiny white bugs on plants?


Tiny white bugs on plants can be from several different sources. Mealybugs look like small pieces of cotton. They can be hard to destroy and can cause heavy plant infestations. Another type of white bug found on plants is the whitefly. A whitefly leaves behind a powdery residue on plants. It can be removed with special insecticidal sprays or soaps. Scales are white insects that hide underneath the foliage and leaves of plants. They must also be removed with special sprays or soaps.
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1. Pour 1 qt. of water into a pitcher. 2. Pour into the water 3 tbsp. of liquid soap. Mix the solution vigorously. 3. Pour the soapy water into a plastic spray bottle. 4. Spray your
i forgot what their called but their those bugs that ladybugs eat. They're called aphids.
white fly.
Woolly aphids (family Eriosomatidae) occur on many hardwood and coniferous tree and shrub species in Minnesota, including elm, silver maple, ash, alder, apple, pear, pine, spruce,
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Tiny White Bugs on House Plants
If you've noticed tiny white bugs on your houseplants, your plant could be suffering from an infestation of one of several pests that commonly live and feed on indoor flora.... More »
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