How to Paint a Brick Fireplace?


If you want your brick fireplace to look new then painting is definitely the solution. It will also change the look of the whole room and not just the brick. Choose the color you want to paint the fireplace. Prepare and clean the bricks, tape off any areas you don't want to paint and apply your paint color.
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To paint bricks, be sure the bricks have been cleaned. After the cleaning it is best to use an air spraying rather than a roller. Spray the bricks with the desire color and allow
1. Scrape away loose chunks of mortar with the putty knife. Gently sand away smaller particles with the sandpaper until you have freed the red brick surface of any loose matter. Thoroughly
Before staring to paint a brick fireplace first you need to clean off all the smoke and soot. Then you will need to put primer on the brick making sure to cover well. Once the primer
1. Wash the spray-painted brick with a heavy-duty power washer and a mild cleanser. Move the tip of the power washer around consistently to prevent damaging the surface. Avoid leaving
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You can remove dried paint from brick if you soak the brick in cooking oil to loosen the paint. After the paint is soft, use a power washer to finish removing ...
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