How to Use a Tire Spin-Balancing Machine?


To use a tire spin-balancing machine, secure the tire to the engine using the wedge-shaped metal donuts surged into the hole of the rim and the spin-on bolt, enter the wheel size info, choose dynamic balance by pressing the 'mode selection' button until the 'dynamic' light is highlighted, lower the hood and allow the tire to spin until the machine stops the spinning, raise the hood and spin the tire until the display shows the tire as being top-dead-center, and then spin the wheel again by lowering the hood
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1. Find all the parts that the balancer is equipped with. The balancer should have center cones that will be placed over the shaft and into the center of the wheel to center it on
Answer One that has been put on a machine and weights added to compensate for any imbalance/imperfection caused either by wear or by the mfg. process (on new tire)
1. Attach the wheel to the hub and slide hub on to spindle. Center wheel on spindle and put ends of spindle in to balancer sides. Spin wheel lightly and allow it to stop on its own.
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