Tisk Tisk?


Tisk tisk is a phrase that is sometimes used when someone does something bad or frowned upon. It is used to express disapproval. It also works as a noun to express disappointment or condemnation toward someone, or as a verb to express disappointment in someone or to condemn. The verb and noun forms are hyphenated—tsk-tsk—while the interjection is usually a two-word phrase with a comma—tsk, tsk.
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(lĕn'tĭsk') n. See mastic tree . [Middle English lentiske, from Latin lentīscus.]
I didn't find anything called take tisk. Are you talking about take risk or tisk tisk? I found
Türkiye Isveren Sendikalari Konfederasyonu'nun (Turkish Confederation of Employers' Unions)
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