What is a Titanic submersible model?


Published in October 1999 by Somerville, the Parents' Choice award-winning book Science and Story of Titanic by Susan Hughes and Steve Santini was accompanied by a plastic submersible model that could be used to demonstrate how the Titanic sunk. The kit gives children the opportunity to learn about engineering and researching history.
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Amazon and eBay.
1. Look into upcoming expeditions run by Deep Ocean Expeditions, which is the only tour company granted permission to visit the Titanic's resting site. This site is considered restricted
You can buy The Titanic Book and Submersible Model at Amazon.com for $484 (Used) At Ebay.com for $400. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:47PM EST. Source
THE weather-beaten remains of the giant model used for the
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Titanic submersible models are available on sites like ebay. You can also find one for sale at valorebooks website. Amazon also sells titanic submersible models.
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