To Enter a Number Such as 6000000000000000 You Can Type 6000000000000000 or?


There are few other ways to write the number 6000000000000000. One of these ways include 6 x 10^15. Another way can be used in an Excel Spreadsheet as 6E15.
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6 x 10^15
What number are you talking about? Assume that all non-zero digits in a number are significant unless the zero is between two significant digits. For example, 0.00043 has two significant
The code as written will put all data into one column on ONE new worksheet, which isn't what I read the problem to be - however, for your data, you should enter 5 for the rows (you
The techniques I used are called: -iostream operator overloading You know what iostreams are? Now they'r real cool. You can write your own << and >> operators. -unary
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