To What Extent Did the United States Achieve the Objectives That Led It to Enter the First World War?


'To what extent did the United States achieve the objectives that led it to enter the first world war?' is a question and prompt that is often used in history essays. When writing this essay, students should first do their research. The main objective of World War I was to put a stop to the attacks from Germany. The essay should discuss the objective of United States, and explain whether or not they achieved the objective, along with the steps that led up to the victory or defeat.
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Their objective was to stop the Germans. They did it. They got into the war because the Germans had stated that all shipping in the Atlantic that wasn't going to Germany was going
The U.S. entered World War I on April 6, 1917, after
First, most Americans were sympathetic to the British cause. Most Americans also did not trust Kaiser Wilhelm, who was an autocratic ruler. Another.more? report this answer. Updated
German torpedoing of unarmed ships (Lusitania) and their breaking the Sussex Pledge where they vowed not to. The Zimmerman Telegram where the German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman
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