To Which Domain of Life Do Humans Belong?


The domain of life that humans belong to is Eukarya. This is a domain of multi-cell organisms that do have a nucleus. This is one of the three domains of life.
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Taxonomy is the branch of biology that's job is to name and classify species. On the broadest spectrum of classification of all living things, you have three overarching groups called
Eukarya! There are only three domains: Eukarya, Archaea and Bacteria. Humans are part of the Eukarya. Animals and Kingdom are not domains. A kingdom is part of a subset of the Eukarya
Humans have eukaryotic cells and are therefore in the Eukarya Domain.
In the domain system of biology, Humans are in the the Eukarya domain, being eukaryotes. Other systems place humans in Eukaryota or simply the kingdom Animalia.
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Many people learn in school what domain do humans belong to. Humans belong to the Eukarya domain. This is because humans have eukaryotic cells and posses a nuclear ...
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