Toenail Softener?


Toenail softener is a product that is available in a number of retail locations for the purpose of allowing individuals the option to purchase a remedy for their hardened toenails. There are a number of different toenail softener brands known. Among these brands are Miracle of Aloe, Millers Forge, Rucci, and Cracked Heel. These products are ranged at a price of between $1.99 and $24.95. Generally, prices are dependent on individual brand, size, and retailer.
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1. Fill a bathtub or large bowl with hot water. Test the temperature by immersing your finger and then your hand into the water, making sure it won't burn your feet. 2. Pour 1/8 cup
Onychomalacia is softening of a nail. Onychomalacia is the medical term meaning abnormal softening of the nails. the medical term is onychomalacia.
Put them in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes before you cut them. It softens them and makes them easier to cut. Also probably round on your baby toe. Source(s) :
Soaking in a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide daily for
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You can soften your toenails by soaking your feet in soothing warm water. Just let your feet soak for at least five minutes. After soaking massage your feet ...
To soften your toenail cuticles, first apply a cuticle remover. A good cuticle remover can be found at a drugstore. If you rub in the cuticle remover, it will ...
You can soak your feet in salt water to soften hard, thick toenails. You can also apply a softening cream to your toenails to soften them. ...
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