Toes Going Numb?


There could be several reasons why your toes are going numb. The first being that you could have reduced or little blood flow into your feet or toes. Another reason could be due to nerve damage, pinching or blocking.
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If your toes are going numb often, you need to see a doctor. This could be a sign of diabetes or poor circulation. It happens occasionally to many people, usually when they do not
If you sit in your desk chair or driver's seat for many hours without getting up to move around, you may experience numbness in your feet and toes. Numbness in your toes may be caused
most likey because blood circulation isn't getting to them, or your nerves aren't working properly.
Toes go numb from reduced blood circulation or from nerve damage. Consult your doctor if
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Toes can be numb as a result of poor blood circulation, injury or cold weather. ...
There are various reasons as to why a toe may go numb. These include poor blood circulation in the feet, injury which involves a sprain or break in the toe or ...
The main reasons feet and legs go numb is a lack of oxygen or blood flow to the limb. If you sit on the leg for a excess amount of time they blood flow will be ...
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