How to Dissolve Toilet Paper for a Kid's Science Project?


You can dissolve toilet paper as a science project for kids by dissolving the toilet paper in water, asking the kid to observe why some toilet papers dissolve faster than others and then allowing them to come out with their own conclusion. For instance, is it because one was two ply and another was a three ply? What does this tell the kid about density of matter?
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1. Place a few sheets of toilet paper into a medium-sized transparent jar. Run water into the jar, filling it three-quarters of the way full. Grab a long stirrer, straw or long teaspoon
Science fair projects are projects that students work on so that they can enter into a science fair. Science fairs are set up to encourage young people to become involved in the study
1. Read the science fair project guidelines. Pick a science fair project based on what your teacher has assigned. If she has assigned a chemistry or biology project, choose a project
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1. Glue five pipe cleaners partially inside the end of a toilet paper tube and bend them so that they resemble fingers. 2. Place the toilet paper tube end without ...
The way to do a science fair project that is centered on paper towels is by first deciding what aspect of the paper towels you'd like to experiment with and report ...
1. Create a chart for measuring the results of your experiment. This chart should have a row for each paper towel brand, with a column for brand name, number of ...
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