How to Repair a Toilet That Won't Stop Running?


In order to repair a toilet that won't stop running, one will need the following materials: dye tab, ballcock kit, and flapper kit. The first step is to check the area around the toilet to see if there is water leaking. The next step is to take off the lid and ensure the rubber flap isn't caught on something.
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1. Remove the tank lid. Examine the flapper, which is the rubber mechanism, usually red or black, that seals the water in the tank when seated, then allows water to drain from the
Check the easy thing first! Here is a link to an image to understand the terms first off and follow along:…. See if the chain to the
Most toilets are controlled by float valves that start filling the tank when the water level drops. If the toilet is filling repeatedly without the toilet being flushed, then your
Put up a 'safety' sign....
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A toilet may automatically start and stop running without being flushed as a result of a problem with the ballast. It might also be something wrong with the stopper ...
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