What Are the Selling Price of Tom Clark Retired Gnomes?


That is difficult to say, as the price ranges vary so greatly. The highest I've seen on eBay go for around $250. But some go for as little as $5. If you're not to attached to the piece, you might just put it up on eBay and let people bid on it. I mean, you're thinking of selling it anyway, and even a little money is better than none, right?
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$1,800-47,850 wanted to know the worth of bertha and mendy.
1. Research Tom Clark gnomes. Certain gnomes are more rare than others. In general, older gnomes in mint or near mint condition with be more desirable for collectors, especially if
Try listing them on an online selling site like ebay.
Which ever one you like.
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The price of the Tom Clark Gnome would depend on different factors like it condition, and the year it was made. However, the average amount is about 123 pounds ...
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