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Most diseases that can affect a tomato plant are due to virus or fungus infestation. Pictures will often show some type of discolored spots on the stem or tomatoes themselves. Tomato spotted wilt virus first presents with dark spots on leaves that eventually cause bumps on the stem. The fruit borne of these contaminated plants has yellow splotches on an otherwise ripe tomato. There is no way to fix this particular illness and the plants should just be removed.
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1. Watch the leaves for indications of disease. Early in the season, foliage may be the first place you notice disease. If you see round, dark circles forming on leaves with a yellow
Possibly- but hopefully not- late blight. There has been a devastating outbreak in the eastern U. S. due to the unusually heavy rainfall. It's a fungus for which there is no cure,
Sounds like Septoria Leaf Spot. This destructive disease of tomato foliage (fruit is rarely infected) is caused by the fungus Septoria lycopersici. Infection usually occurs on the
Richard, black spots on the leaves are usually an indication of a fungus disease. I have found that copper is the best fungicide for tomatoes. I personally use a product called Soap
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Your tomato plants are wilting due to very hot weather, not watering deeply enough and over watering. It is also caused by caused by fungal diseases which is characterised ...
There are numerous reasons that would make a tomato plant turn yellow, among them; overwatering, lack of the necessary nutrients, presence of pests and plant diseases ...
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