Tongue Fungus?


Tongue fungus is a type of yeast infection or thrush that occurs on the tongue. It is often triggered by a diet that is heavy in refined sugars. This includes most white foods like white rice and baked goods made with white flour, as well as starchy foods like potatoes. Tongue fungus is marked by white patches on the tongue that often hurt when removed. See a doctor for treatment if tongue fungus or thrush is suspected.
Q&A Related to "Tongue Fungus?"
Tongue fungus is a living organism called candida, the same type that causes yeast infections in the vagina. The organism is present in a healthy human body, but the population is
Many times white tongue happens when people have weakened immune systems and the acidity
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What is fungus of tongue with bumps? Injuries, like bites or burns, can cause large red bumps on the tongue. Large, red bumps on back of the tongue may be a result of some allergy
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