How to Take Care of a Tongue Piercing?


To take care of a tongue piercing you will need to clean the piercing everything you eat or drink something other than water for the first 7 days. Twice a day you will want to check the balls to make sure they are tight on the barbell. To reduce the swelling, you can use a cool compress put on your tongue (ice in a baggie will work).
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1. Expect swelling. For the first few days following the piercing, you will have difficulty eating and talking. Stick to smoothies and mashed foods until you are able to eat properly
Congrats on your tongue piercing! If you want to keep it healthy, remember to: Brush your teeth and tongue everyday, morning and night. Use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth.
Use an antibacterial, alcohol-free mouth rinse for 30 to 60 seconds after
Tongue piercing is a type of body pierce that is particularly found in a person’s tongue. Next to the ear, it is the second most famous form of body piercing in the United
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These are the pros and cons of tongue piercing. The pros are it is a form of facial decoration and jewelry that complements the face. It draws attention to the ...
The purpose of tongue piercing depends on the person and varies from aesthetics, pleasing the gods in some cultures, to enhancing oral sex. It is done directly ...
Different people may have different reaction.Typically, a new tongue piercing will close in very short time if you leave it alone. ...
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