Tongue Sores Crystal METH?


Smoking crystal meth will cause little white tongue sores to pop up. It is caused by the combination of chemicals that are put together to make this highly addictive substance. These sores can turn into some very painful mouth sores that can ooze and cause all kinds of other problems. The mouth sores are the least of your worries, however, because smoking crystal meth will cause your teeth to turn black and rot out of your mouth.
Q&A Related to "Tongue Sores Crystal METH?"
Methamphetamine users suffer from dry mouth (xerostomia)
Forget the Q-tip crap! Use h2o2 like mouthwash as much as you like. It doesn't taste bad and it can kill a lot of germs. to prevent infection. And never touch that CRAP again! EVER!
The white sores that develop in the mouth from meth use are known as "meth sores". Please seek help if you have a drug problem. more
Sores on your tongue caused by meth come from chemical burns and tissue
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