Tongue Weight?


Knowing the tongue weight is the best way to ensure that the load being carried is properly balanced and in an amount that is safe to carry. Load the trailer as needed, hitch it up, and take it to be weighed at a truck scale. Unhook the trailer and weigh it. Use cement blocks or a jack to make the trailer level and weigh again. Subtract the unlevel weight from the level weight to find the tongue weight. Then divide the tongue weight by the level weight to find the percentage.
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1. Load the trailer, paying close attention to the weight of the items. Distribute the weight evenly throughout the trailer. Secure any top-heavy items by lashing them to the trailer
1. Determine the gross weight of your trailer (you may need to go to the vehicle weighing scales for this) 2. Ensure that the wheels of your trailer are securely blocked to prevent
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To do this, you'll need a two-by-four cut to a five- or six-foot (1.5- or 1.8-meter) length, two pipes, your bathroom scale, and a brick. Lay one of the pipes across the scale and
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Tongue weight refers to the downward force placed on a trailer hitch of a vehicle by the trailer it is towing. The tongue weight can be adjusted by positioning ...
1. Determine the weight of your trailer. You will need to know the actual weight of your trail, or gross trailer weight (GTW) to calculate your ideal tongue weight ...
To figure out the tongue weight for a trailer you will need to know the weight of the trailer. The tongue weight should not exceed 15%. Calculate the GVWR, and ...
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