How to Use Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle?


Start by griping the machine handles and then carefully place your foot on the foot peddle. Move your hands and foot back and forth with mild gentle movements. Begin to drag the body to create fitness in the areas of emphasis. The freestyle option comes along with a trainer card manual and videos on how to work out. The Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle manual can be found at:
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1. Get familiar with the machine. Grip the handles and place your feet comfortably on the foot pedals. Move your arms and legs back and forth in a smooth, simultaneous gliding motion
Here is one on Amazon, and it takes AA. Gazelle
Tony Little is a fitness trainer who markets exercise gear on the Shopping Channel. His Gazelle Freestyle fitness machine is a low-cost way to stay in shape at home. The Gazelle can
The Gazelle is an in-home cardio machine that you can use to lose weight or increase your cardiovascular fitness. It has two foot pedals and two moveable arms so you can glide your
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