Too Much Salt in a Dish?


Nothing can ruin a dish like having too much salt in it. In order to remove excess salt from a dish, a cook must be creative. Adding potatoes to a dish quickly can help absorb the excess salt.
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1. Peel one to three raw potatoes with a potato peeler or knife. Cut up the potatoes in large chunks with a kitchen knife. Place the potatoes into the dish while it's cooking. The
If forced into a "general" answer, I'd say toward the end, "generally speaking." No scientific evidence as to why, other than personal preference. With that said
1. Rinsing: If possible, rinse the food in water or use milk. This could be the most effective solution, even if it seems drastic. Processed foods such as tuna, vegetables, should
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You could try watering down your food if it is water based in order to get rid of too much salt in it. You could also add some carbohydrates to dish such as rice ...
To fix salty soup you have to insert more a salted water to the soup. Boil it thoroughly until the soup is no more salted. Add a simple sliced tomato to the soup ...
From time to time you may over-salt a recipe or a meal. However, to adjust a recipe in which you put too much salt you may add other ingredients depending on the ...
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