Tool Used to Measure Length?


There are quite a few choices for a tool to measure length. A standard ruler is used for short distances that need to be measured in inches or centimeters up to the equivalent of one foot. A yard stick measures similarly straight lines up to three feet long. Measuring tape is used in construction and surveying projects and come in lengths up to 300 feet. It is also available in a more flexible form for use in measuring fabric and people for sewing apparel.
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rulers are used to measure legnth.
The tools that are used to measure volume a called a graduated cylinder,a ruler and a breaker. You can find the volume of rectangular prism by measuring the width times length times
HOW TO MEASURE There are dozens of types of flat, rigid rule for marking out, most of which are calibrated in both metric and imperial units. They may be wood or steel although some
The metric ruler is a common tool used to measure metric length.
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There are a lot of words used for measurements that contain only 11 letters, but only a select few that specifically measure length. One of those is called a ...
A ruler will measure the length of an object, usually in inches or centimeters. You can also use a yard stick, or a tape measure to measure objects that are longer ...
A meter stick is a tool used to measure lengths in meters, with markings in centimeters and millimeters. The length of a meter stick is 100 centimeters. It is ...
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