Which tools are used to measure mass?


Some of the tools used to measure mass include a balance scale which consists of two pans hanging and a triple beam balance which is a metal beam on support. The other tool is the graduated cylinder used to lower an object in a cylinder full of water.
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A typical balance has a lever centered on a machine; the lever has a scalepan on each side, set to be in equilibrium if no weights are added. When using a balance, the instrument
We can use different types of balances or weighing scales.
Since on Earth, Mass=Weight, you can use a
A balance is used to measure mass. You place your object on one side and then increase the mass on the other side until the balance reaches equilibrium. Your other masses will be
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Tools Used to Measure Mass
Whether you want to know the mass of produce at the store to determine how much you'll need to pay for it, the mass of materials in a chemistry lab to know how much of each to use in a chemical reaction, or the mass of yourself for health reasons, a tool... More »
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