Tools Used to Measure Mass?


Some of the tools used to measure mass include a balance scale which consists of two pans hanging and a triple beam balance which is a metal beam on support. The other tool is the graduated cylinder used to lower an object in a cylinder full of water.
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Tools Used to Measure Mass
Mass is the amount of matter in things. Mass is connected to inertia. The greater the inertia of an object the more mass it has. Mass is not the same as weight, though we often confuse the two.... More »
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A scientific balance scale is used to weigh mass. In science mass is not the same thing as weight. The International Systems of Units (SI) measures mass in kilograms.
A typical balance has a lever centered on a machine; the lever has a scalepan on each side, set to be in equilibrium if no weights are added. When using a balance, the instrument
Measuring mass is best done with something that measures weight. A scale of some kind would be the tool of choice for that job.
Since on Earth, Mass=Weight, you can use a
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This was because early scales were based on a pivoted lever with the weights hanging on each end of the lever. The unknown object was hung on one end. Known weights ...
If I were going to measure and compare the mass of a cup of fresh water versus a cup of salt water, I would use a Mettler balance or a triple beam balance scale. ...
Mass spectrometry is an analytical tool that measures the molecular mass of a sample. The tool is used to measure the mass-to-charge ratio of charged particles ...
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