Why Swish Salt Water after Tooth Extraction?


After a tooth extraction, one should swish salt water to help prevent infection. It is is used as a natural way to cleanse the mouth after a tooth extraction.
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1. Wait 24 hours after the extraction before rinsing. This keeps you from experiencing severe pain while rinsing. 2. Fill a cup or glass with one cup warm water. Make sure the water
You should rinse with salt water after eacj meal, at least 3 times a day and always before going to bed.
It's very important. Salt water helps keep the extraction clean and heal. It's very necessary.
1. Place the water solution in a wide-mouthed jar or bowl. Ad. 2. Leave the solution out and uncovered for a few days, especially in areas of dry (low humidity) heat. The water will
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How to Rinse With Salt Water After a Tooth Extraction
A tooth that is chipped, rotted or otherwise damaged beyond repair is removed by a dentist or oral surgeon via extraction. A similar procedure is also used to eliminate unnecessary wisdom teeth from the mouth. While a tooth extraction is a simple... More »
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