Why rinse your mouth with salt water after a tooth extraction?


After any tooth extraction, patients should rinse the oral surgical area with warm salt water and a gentle swishing action to prevent infection and promote healing according to the International Dental Health Foundation. Rigorous brushing too soon following an extraction can cause more damage and slow healing.

Patients are advised by dentalhealth.org to gently rinse the mouth with warm salt water 24 hours after tooth extraction surgery. Rinsing with salt water helps to clean and heal the site of the surgery. Any rigorous brushing or use of strong over-the-counter commercial mouthwashes in the area of surgery can dislodge the blood clot that forms within the socket. The blood clot protects gum tissue and the mandible from further damage and infection. Dislodging the clot could cause unnecessary pain, lead to possible infection and lengthen the healing process.

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1. Wait 24 hours after the extraction before rinsing. This keeps you from experiencing severe pain while rinsing. 2. Fill a cup or glass with one cup warm water. Make sure the water
You should rinse with salt water after eacj meal, at least 3 times a day and always before going to bed.
It's very important. Salt water helps keep the extraction clean and heal. It's very necessary.
1. Place the water solution in a wide-mouthed jar or bowl. 2. Leave the solution out and uncovered for a few days, especially in areas of dry (low humidity) heat. The water will eventually
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How to Rinse With Salt Water After a Tooth Extraction
A tooth that is chipped, rotted or otherwise damaged beyond repair is removed by a dentist or oral surgeon via extraction. A similar procedure is also used to eliminate unnecessary wisdom teeth from the mouth. While a tooth extraction is a simple... More »
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