Tooth Pain When Biting down?


Tooth pain when biting down is a form of pain that ranges from sensitive pain to minor sensitive pain that is caused by a reaction of the nerves classified of a tooth's pulp cavity. It's normally caused by a tiny area of decay in a tooth, a loose filling or an unprotected root surface produced from gum slump and a cracked tooth.
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Don't worry, it will go away lol. If this is happening months or years after the crown, see a dentist because something might be wrong. Hope this helps.
It could be possible that the filling is abit to high, so in other words when you bite down instead of all your teeth coming together at once you are hitting onto the filling first
Not Medical Advice: Maybe you have a,Loose Filling,Decay,Cracked or Split tooth,Cuspal Fracture, or Vertical Root Fracture.
I am not sure but I think it helps them to
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