What are toothbrushing techniques?


The most common tooth brushing techniques are bass method, rolling stroke, still-man and charters. The bass method involves brushing at the root of the teeth at an angle of 45 degree. The roll method involves brushing in a circular motion and the still-man method involves brushing in a straight line.
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Answer along with brushing twice a day you must also floss to get between those tight teeth where all the plaque is hiding. there are no real techniques you just brush for two minutes
"Toothbrush Technique"
see mackenzie brush technique.
Rinse your toothbrush to make sure it is clean and debris free and shake the excess water off the bristles. Lay down drop cloths or tape paper over anything within several feet of
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Toothbrush Techniques
Colgate claims that most adults do not give their teeth as much attention as they need to effectively clean and protect them. In order to gain the maximum benefits from brushing, it must be done with good techniques, toothbrushes and toothpastes. If not,... More »
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