Top 5 Corn Producing States?


The top 5 corn building states include; Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota and Indiana. The annual grain yield values often fluctuate above and below the trend line throughout the more than 70 year period of records. Most corn is fed to livestock, especially hogs and poultry.
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Iowa. Illinois. Nebraska. Minnesota. Indiana.
For the past fourteen years, Iowa has produced the most corn of any other state. Iowa grows three times as much corn as a country like Argentina and typically produces more corn than
2008 information isn't available yet, but Iowa, Illinois,
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Corn is one of the United States major exports. As of December 2012, the top 5 corn producing states are Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Indiana. Nebraska ...
The state that produces the most corn is Iowa. This is located in the Midwestern portion of the United States. Illinois, Nebraska, and Minnesota are other top ...
The top five agricultural commodities produced by the United States by value are corn, beef, milk, chicken and soybeans. Corn has consistently been a top commodity ...
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