Top Pitbull Bloodline?


The top bloodline for pit bulls is Razors edge .This is certainly slanted because people think bloodline are the best heavily fighting dogs. This was originally created by Crossbreeding Bulldogs and white English terriers, in a time when dog fight involved lots of money.
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There are many different pitbull bloodlines. They include, Rocky, Spike, Zebo, Yellow, Palladin, Royal Red, Sundance, Booger, Hank, and Carver. For more information, look here: http
Some of the pit bull championship bloodlines are Razors Edge, Gotti, Greyline,
There is no such thing as a Croc bloodline Pitbull! LMAO . the guy was so full of CRAP.
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There are many different bloodlines of a Pitbull. Each bloodline results in certain qualities that dog is most likely to have, including coat color, and size. ...
Some pitbulls have a listed bloodline. This tells pitbull owners and enthusiasts what lineage the pitbull comes from. One of the most known pitbull bloodlines ...
The term pit bull refers to certain breeds of dog and any cross between them. There is no definite agreement on what constitutes all the pit-bull bloodlines. Dog ...
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