Top Questions Asked at a Beauty Pageant?


The top questions asked at a beauty pageant are to get to know the contestant and what they are like as a person. Some of the most asked questions are who is your role model, what do you feel is your best quality and why, what 3 words describe you and how. Some other questions may include the biggest challenge for youth today, what you would change about yourself and why, and what would you bring to a deserted island if it could only be one thing.
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If you were a cockroach, what will you do to contribute to our society?
That's a tough question and really depends on the system. Some will ask about your community involvement, what you will do with the title, your plans for the future, people you admire
Prepare yourself for questions regarding your personal background. Look over the resume you submitted to remember what activities you highlighted. Review what each program is and
Beauty Pageant Sample Questions: 1. What has been the most
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Common questions asked at a beauty pageant include "Who is your role model?", "What quality do you like about yourself and why?& ...
When competing in a beauty pageant, there are some questions much more common than others. The most common are 'Why did you enter this pageant?' Another question ...
Beauty pageant is a beauty contest features contestants up to 18 years and over. The competition is usually divided into two; the pageant the Question and Answer ...
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