Top Ten Most Painful Piercings?


Pain is relevant and therefore it is quite hard to list the top ten most painful piercings because we all handle pain differently. However, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing, naval piercing are some of them most painful piercings.
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It's different for everyone. Because everyone has a different pain tolerance, piercings that one person thinks were painless might cause another person to say were the most painful
Eyebrow piercings are very painful, as well as cartilage piercings and nose piercings. ChaCha.
Ultimately the most painful piercing is any piercing done by an amateur. In the hands of a professional body piercer, even piercings that you would consider painful are not so bad
10 is alot. . . I have 11 (originally had 16 but had to take some out). . and the only ones that were really painful is septum, and industrial and maybe nipple but mine didnt hurt
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The piercing that is considered to be the most painful is genital piercing. Eyebrow piercing is the least painful, according to piercing professionals. ...
The most painful piercing is a matter of opinion. The reason being is that people have different thresholds of pain. Some consider the genital piercings to be ...
The level of pain of a body piercing depends on the location. The most painful body piercings occur in areas which are close to the bone or cartilage such as the ...
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