Top Ten Smartest Animals?


The top 10 smartest animals are the Chimpanzee, Dolphin, Orangutan, Elephant, Crow, Pig, Squirrel, Pigeons, Octopus and Rats are the smartest.
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1.Chimpanzee. 2.Bottle Nose Dolphin. 3.American Bald Eagle. 4.Octopus. 5.Gray Squirrel. 6.Crow. 7.Elephant. 8.Rat. 9.Hummingbird. 10.Gray Wolf.
In descending order, the top 10 smartest animals are as follows:
Primates are the smartest animal in the world. Elephants are considered second followed by Dolphins, Rats, Monkeys, Crows, Parrots, Sheep, MORE? report this answer. Updated on Thursday
Here is the wb site for you, The 10 Smartest Animal Countdown.…. Source(s)
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Chimpanzee, bottlenose dolphins, rhesus macaque monkey, elephants, African grey parrot, north pacific giant octopus, border collie, ravens and crows, rats and ...
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