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In order to make a topic sentence you must first understand what a topic sentence is. A topic sentence will tell in one sentence what the main point of the paragraph is about. A topic sentence should be in place somewhere with in the paragraph. It does not need to be the first sentence. The sentence will relate to the paragraph's thesis and it is acting as a way to show the argument of the paper and defines the scope of the paragraph.
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A topic sentence is the main point of a paragraph, usually located at the very beginning. The topic sentence explains what the paragraph is about, and provides an interesting introduction
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1. Identify your topic. This is the broad subject you will discuss or have been discussing as part of a larger essay. For example, your topic may be junk food. 2. Identify the controlling
1 Decide what your main points are going to be to support your thesis statement. Before you can even begin writing, you have to compile all of the information you have and decide
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Try the link below. This website helped me a lot when writing my paper! ...
A topic is a subject; a matter dealt with in a discourse, text, or conversation. It is also the part of a sentence about which something is said, in almost every ...
A topic sentence tells what the paragraph is going to be about. It tells you what all of the sentences in the paragraph are going to be about or refer to. It can ...
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