How to Spot a Fake Topps Baseball Card?


To spot a fake Topps baseball card feel the weight of the baseball card. Real Topps baseball cards are slightly heavier and are made on card stock. Fake Topps cards also light up and glow due to the fake lighteners used and check for printing imperfections that are not normally found on authentic baseball cards.
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1. Notice the thickness of the baseball card. Feel the card in your hands. Older authentic cards are printed on thin card stock. Many counterfeit cards are printed on thicker card
Depends on what kind of card or what player.
The Topps Company, Inc. manufactures gum, candy and collectibles.Based in New York
1988 Topps Wax Pack The 1988 Topps baseball cards came out during the baseball card boom that started around 1987. Enormous amount of cards were printed during this era to meet the
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