Torbutrol for Dogs?


Torbutrol is a brand name for the drug butophanol tartrate. It is a narcotic pain reliever used in drugs to help dogs with coughing. It is also used to ease the side effects of chemotherapy in cats.
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Torbutrol is often used for treatment of kennel cough or any chronic dry coughs in dogs. Dogs that chronically cough need a break from coughing in order for the body to heal. Torbutrol
A brand-name veterinary medication, Torbutrol contains the narcotic butorphanol tartrate. Veterinarians commonly prescribe Torbutrol for the treatment of moderate to severe pain in
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Torbutrol for Dogs
The perception of pain in animals is becoming increasingly important in veterinary medicine, as drugs are being developed to lessen pain prior to, and after, surgical procedures. The drug Torbutrol has been proven effective for treating dogs in more... More »
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