How do you make a tornado for a science project?


Though there are a few different ways to create a tornado model for a science project, the easiest way is to use water, plastic bottles and a few other common household items. Complete the project in less than an hour.

  1. Collect your materials

    Find and clean two 2-liter plastic bottles. Remove any labels or debris that makes it harder to see inside the bottles. You also need duct tape, a pen or another tool of that size to create a hole, a pair of scissors and water.

  2. Prepare the first bottle

    Cut a piece of duct tape large enough to cover securely the opening of one bottle. Puncture a hole in the center of the duct tape. Place the duct tape over one opening, and then use more tape around the side of the bottle opening.

  3. Fill the second bottle

    Add water until the second bottle is three-quarters full. Do not place any tape over the opening of the second bottle.

  4. Make the tornado

    Place the empty bottle upside-down on top of the bottle filled with water. Carefully inspect that the openings of the bottles match. Fashion the two bottle openings together with more duct tape. Test for leakage by lying the bottles flat. To create the tornado effect, flip the bottles so that the one with the water is on top. As the water filters through the hole, it looks as though there is a tornado. Swirl the bottles for an extra effect.

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