How do you troubleshoot a Toro lawnmower?


Owners of Toro lawn mowers can visit the online Solution Center on the official Toro page for assistance in troubleshooting problems with the Toro lawnmowers. Customer support can also be contacted at: 1-888-384-9939.
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1. Place the mower on a flat paved surface to begin troubleshooting. 2. Assess the symptoms. If the lawnmower will not start, the gas may be stale and could need to be changed (it
Like almost all of Toro's gear it's the great South - Mexico!
10W-30 or 10W-40 are common to most brands
Go for the Toro. It has a 5 year warranty along with a 5 year Guaranteed to Start guarantee. Plus with the Personal Pace self-propel, it is the easiest to use. Toro out sells Snapper
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How to Troubleshoot a Toro Lawn Mower
Troubleshooting a Toro lawnmower is fairly simple. The machine is not only designed for easy maintenance, it is designed to be easily accessed. Whether having engine starting problems or overheating, by checking a few areas you may be able to have the... More »
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