Torque Specs for Chevy 350?


The torque specs or specification are the part which ensures that a car is functioning well. In order for 350 Chevy to work efficiently, the torque specs is about 70 feet pounds for the main, 65 ft lbs for the inner outer bolts and 40 ft lbs for outer bolts for the low end engine. As for the top end engine, 65 ft lbs for cylinder head torque, 30 ft lbs for cast iron heads and 18 ft lbs for aluminum cylinder heads.
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Set the number one cylinder at TDC firing position and set the exhaust
First off, a 350, is a small block. And, if you are talking about the torque output of the motor, well, that depends upon how it is built, and, with what parts. Anwhere from 150 ft.
autozone sells books that will tell you or you can go to the parts store and they should be able to tell you and if that fails go see the GM partsman and he will print it out for
A small block Chevy 350 engine weighs 575 pounds. It debuted in the 1967 Camaro, producing 295 hp. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 10:48PM EST. Source:
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Torque Specs for a Chevy 350 Engine
Manufacturers set specifications for its components, such as torque specifications, which are expressed in foot-pounds. To ensure engine stability, engine bolts must be torqued or bolted down to a certain weight specification under manufacturer... More »
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The specs for the Chevy 350 can be found in the owner's manual, through Chevrolet directly, or at various online websites. The Chevy 350 is a 5.7 litre small block ...
One of the most reputable ways to get an accurate 350 Chevy engine diagram is to order one from Chevy. One can also purchase a Chilton book for the specific year ...
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