How to Unlock the Toshiba SD6000.?


1. Press the "Set Up" button on the remote. 2. Press the "Down" arrow key to select "Rating. 3. Press the "Right" arrow key and the "Enter" key to enter the menu. The "Enter Password" screen will appear. 4. Enter the four-digit DVD player password.
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Check Sharp's website for the model of the TV you are using. They will have an instruction manual for your model that you can download. Located near the back will be the programming
On the bottom of your notebook, you will find a small panel with a single screw. Open it. You will find the CMOS battery and a memory slot. Put the additional memory in that slot.
Look on the case for an ON/OFF switch, and be sure that it is ON. Look for a special label on one of the Fnn keys; it should look like a radio-tower. Press the BLUE-coloured 'FN'
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