How to Use a Total Station.?


1. Set up the station. Extend the tripod legs, and position the top of the tripod so that it is exactly over the mark from where you wish to work. Adjust the tripod so that the top is more or less level. Push the legs slightly into the ground to
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1 Use a transit level. Set base to level, attach unit to base, level unit. Now you can determine straight lines over a long distance and the handy degree ring on the unit turntable
[Eq] A multi-purpose electronic surveying instrument with a built-in EDM capable of measuring horizontal distances, slope distances, angles, vertical height differences, three-dimensional
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A total station is an electronic or optical instrument used in modern surveying. The total station is an electronic theodolite or transit, integrated with an electronic ...
A total station refers to a device that is used to measure distance, slope, height, and coordinates. It is an instrument frequently used in surveying. ...
Total station is an electronic or visual instrument that is used in modern surveying. The tool allows the control the instrument from a distance via remote control ...
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