Where can I find totally free PC-to-phone calling?


Skype can do much more than calling from PC to phone. A Skype account allows one to chat with or without video to anyone else with Skype. It allows for instant messaging and for file sharing. Phone calls and more can be totally free with internet connections whether they be on a PC or a cell phone line. The devices will need to have microphone and speakers. One will not be hindered by their contract provider. Chat with anyone who has internet access on Skype.
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1. Visit Evaphone.com to make free calls from your computer. Dial the number you want to call on the dial pad on your screen and talk for free. Click the "Free Minutes"
If you are looking for phone to phone instead, you can try. http://hoiio.com. The rates they charge for international calls are ludicrously low for an international phone to phone
Use skype.
There you go!! Free International Calls to Anywhere in the World!! http://techpp.com/2009/07/16/free-intern… hope it helps ;)
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