Toyota Belt Diagram?


A diagram for the Toyota belt pattern will show the power steering pump, the generator, the water pump, the air conditioning compressor, the crankshaft, and the tensoner. A diagram is available in two versions. One is without an air conditioner and the other is without an air conditioner. The parts are numbered 1 through 6 on the diagram. The Toyota Motor Corporation has been in business since 1937. They are headquartered in the country of Japan.
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The 2002 Toyota Solara does not have a "serpentine" belt that turns all of the pulleys. It has one belt that runs the power steering and a second "generator drive"
1. Locate the tension pulley on the Toyota's engine. The tension pulley is commonly on the top of the engine next to the alternator. The tension pulley will be the smallest pulley
The diagram should be on a ticker under the hood somewhere. No sure about the install but there is probably a tension roller that you just release with a socket to remove the belt.
Replace it every 90,000 miles. Warning: This is an interference engine. If the belt breaks serious engine damage will occur. Not true, 1999 Sienna DOES NOT have an interference engine
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