How do you diagnose starter problems in a Toyota?


To diagnose starter problems in a Toyota, the negative battery terminal is removed. The connectors are cleaned with wire brush. The terminals are reconnected. Use multi-meter in the battery terminals to see if the reading is 12 volts or greater. The headlights are turned on, if it is dim, it means that the ignition is working.
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1. Disconnect the negative and positive battery connectors, using a socket and ratchet. Clean the connectors and the battery terminals with a wire brush. This removes corrosion and
Follow the positive battery cable down to the engine. It is bolted to the starter.
Labor prices differ according to where you live. call a couple of local garages for estimates. The starter is about $150-200. Double the amount if a shop is going to do the work.
1. Make sure the battery connector is tight and not loose. If the connector is loose, you can use a wrench to tighten it back up. If the battery connector is corroded, you must replace
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