How do you cover furniture with sheets and T-pins?


To slipcover a sofa or chair with sheets and T-pins, purchase enough flat sheets to cover the back, arms, seat front and cushions of the furniture. It is easier to purchase a large sheet to drape over the whole piece of furniture than several smaller sheets that must be pieced to fit. Additionally, purchase a package of T-pins to secure the fabric to the furniture.

  1. Remove the cushions, and drape a large sheet over the furniture

    If possible, remove the seat cushions. Drape the sheet over the furniture front, back and arms. Center and smooth the sheet.

  2. Fasten the material to the seat, arms and back

    Tuck the sheet into furniture crevices, using T-pins to secure the fabric in the creases. Begin with the seat and continue to the arms and the back.

  3. Secure the fabric to the arm rests

    Smooth the fabric over the arm rests. Use T-pins to secure the fabric under the arm rests, placing cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls in the crevices if additional stability is desired.

  4. Finish by pleating the back

    Smooth the material over the top of the back of the furniture, gathering it by hand in the center. Fasten with a T-pin and cover the end of the T-pin with a decorative ribbon or button, if desired.

  5. Cover the cushions

    Wrap each of the cushions with a flat sheet like a present, tucking corners underneath and securing with T-pins. Replace the seat cushions, and smooth and adjust the fabric as needed.

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