Tracfone Add Airtime?


There are several ways to add airtime on a Tracfone. Most major retail stores sell 60,120, 200, and 450 minute airtime cards. You can call Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183 or visit their official website to buy additional minutes.
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1. Turn your Tracfone on. 2. Access the main menu screen. 3. Select the "Prepaid" option located under the main menu screen. 4. Select "Redeem Airtime" or "
You go in to the airtime menu and type in a code and wala you have a
If you really don't want to do it online you can call executive resolutions (800-876-5753) both to add the airtime and to try to fix the "no add airtime button" issue. But
You can go online to and create an account add your phone and then buy/add minutes. Many stores like fred meyer, walmart, rite aid, etc. have pre-paid cards available
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How to Add Airtime on a Tracfone
Cell phones such as Tracfones have made communication easier between family members. With the constant connection available regardless of location, many people are ditching their landline phones and opting for cell phones. But unless you have a... More »
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