Tracfone Texting?


Tracfone texting is easy with the newer prepaid Tracfone. This is because you will only have to pay three units per text for sending and receiving. For example if you paying 8.8 cents per Tracfone minute then you are paying 3 cents per message.
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1. Press the "OK" or "Menu" key, then select "Messages. 2. Select "Create Message, then enter the text of the message and press "OK. 3. Select &
To send text messages internationally, just make an international call to
.3 of a credit i believe its on the back of the phone packeges :D.
It doesn't really COST. You pay for the minutes ahead beforehand, and the prices you pay for minute cards vary from time to time, so it is impossible to say how much it costs. However
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How to Text on a TracFone
TracFone offers customers prepaid, contract-free wireless options. Your TracFone can send and receive text messages. Typing out a quick message is a convenient way of communicating when voice conversation isn't an option. Using the text messaging feature... More »
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